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Distance Learning

Distance learning is the type of non-contact learning in which you can study at home or work, in a way and at a pace, which suits you best. The benefits of distance learning have been proved over the years as a uniquely flexible approach to enhancing your career prospects and developing your personal skills with minimal interference to your normal routine.

You can begin your studies at the time of year which suits you best and progress through the course at whatever pace is right for you. You are supported in your studies on an individual basis by your C.I instructor. Distance learning is a very cost effective way to acquire new skills and qualifications. As you progress in your studies the resources we send you will build into a coherent reference library. Our printed manuals are easy to understand, clearly explaining the theoretical perspectives which the experts use, and the assignments help you to apply the skills you have already learned. With our CDs, you will hear specific examples of hypnotherapy in action and with our DVDs you can see experts use the techniques you are studying and you will gain additional insight concerning their application.

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